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Happiness To Go with You!

When you are in a rush or want to brighten your Loved Ones’ day at home, take ‘Happiness To Go With You’! Discover our selection of portable delights, crafted to be enjoyed anywhere. From satisfying crunchiness in every bite to a luxurious softness in a jar, each of our ‘Happiness To Go With You’ elevates […]

Is Panna Cotta A Pudding?

Panna Cotta

You know that jiggly pudding-shaped dessert, usually served on a plate or in a jar? The texture does not really make it a pudding nor a custard. This creates a big confusion between pudding, custard, panna cotta, and sometimes mousse. Let’s find out! Pudding is quite the complicated dessert. According to the british definition, a […]

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