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Express Your Emotion with Fromoji 🥰

It’s Emoji Day today! Happy Emoji Day & let’s welcome our newest family member, Fromoji! As you already know, we share some facts about Emoji Day last Wednesday. You may know it already or not, but Emoji Day starts in 2017. Emoji has been an important thing in our daily message. To celebrate this year’s […]

Pancake Burger Is Coming to Your Rescue!

Have you ever have any cravings for pancakes and burgers at the same time? Want to eat something that you can grab and carry everywhere without any hassle? Or you are feeling down while you are staying home period? There is Pancake Burger Series now! It is a perfect solution for everything that you want. […]

The Uniqueness of Japanese Dessert Ingredient

Japanese Desserts always stand out by being different from the typical dessert. They always make a delicious yet balanced flavor too. And another thing, they always have different ingredients for their dessert. Not just a typical cream and sugar, it varies a lot!  Unlike in the west, desserts are relatively new and it is uncommon […]

Things You Need to Know About Less Sugar Cakes

Really in love with Cake or Dessert but in diet? Want a change to the Less-Sugar Cakes but not sure it is good? Or afraid that it tastes bland? Less-Sugar Cakes has been something debated for years. Some love it, some are not sure about it. We all know that in making cakes or desserts, […]

Lebaran Special Fromage: Cendol Nangka Fromage

Cendol and Nangka (Jackfruit) are famous among Indonesian! It’s been our traditional drink and unique versatile fruit. Cendol has been most of the Indonesian kids’ childhood drinks. I remember how often I drink cendol when I was a kid! Meanwhile, Nangka or Jackfruit has been a unique fruit for me. It can be sweet and […]

Cookies: What makes it so addictive

“I love having cookies because it makes my dreams crumb true” I used to love savory desserts and avoid sweets. But since I worked in one of the Japanese cake factories, it changes my whole life. When visiting a cake shop in Japan, I saw a tray of warm cookies coming out from the oven. […]

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