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Did You Know The Health Benefits of Cookies?

Le Crunch

Are there any health benefits we can gain from eating cookies? So, is it ok if we consume cookies every day? We love cookies simply because they’re sweet, easy to carry, perfect for a bite-sized snack, bring families and friends together, and it turns out cookies also contain health benefits. Eating cookies can bring back […]

Brûlée New York Cheesecake: Empire State of Cheese

New York Cheesecake Brulee

In New York~  Concrete jungle where dreams are made of There’s nothin’ you can’t do 🎶 Who doesn’t know New York? It’s a city of dreams, empire state building, and Cheese. To be exact, their New York Cheesecake!  We are so happy to present all of you to our newest Love, Brûlée New York Cheesecake! […]

What Is The Meaning of Your Dreams?

 Meaning of Your Dreams

A dream is a universal human experience that occurs during sleep, and it comes from the storage of unconscious fears and desires. Sometimes it can be emotional, confusing, or even frightening. Let’s say you often dream of becoming a superhero that could fly. Aren’t you curious about the meaning behind your dreams? To help you […]

5 Love Language: Which Type of You?

5 Love Language: Which Type of You?

Love is always a topic that is never-ending to talk about and really exciting! Surely we’re in February now and it’s well-known with The Month of Love ❤️ Who already knows about Love Language? If you are not, don’t worry we will help you know it better! You may sometimes feel that your partner doesn’t […]

5 Bahasa Cinta: Tipe Yang Manakah Kalian?

5 Love Language.

Cinta atau Love selalu menjadi sebuah topik yang menarik dan tidak akan habis dibahas. Setiap orang pastinya memiliki definisi dan cara mengekspresikannya yang berbeda-beda. Setiap orang pastinya memiliki cara mengekspresikan cintanya berbeda dan saat ini ada 5 bahasa cinta atau lebih dikenal dengan 5 Love Language. Mengetahui cara bahasa cinta kalian sendiri dan pasangan kalian […]