5 Ideas for Your Late Valentine’s Celebration

 Late Valentine’s Celebration

Like what people said, it’s better late than never! We know Valentine’s has passed, but we do believe you can celebrate Love every day. Since this year Valentine’s on Monday, we believe many of you don’t have any time to celebrate it yet with your Loved Ones.

So here are some ideas for your late celebration!

Cook Dinner Together

If you are a classic lover and food lover, try to cook together as your late celebration! Even better, you can do with a certain theme. For example, cook dinner with blue cheese for every meal, or with a certain ingredient that reminds both of you of your best time ?

Game Night

This is perfect for gamer love birds! Try something new, play a new game that both of you dying to try. It can be a mobile game, computer game, or even a board game. Try those 2 players that both of you really want to try!

Recreate your First Date

What’s your first date? Maybe it’s time for you to reenact it! Nostalgic, sweet, and romantic ❤️

Get a Read for Each Other

Love to read? Both of you? Then you can try to give each other your own favorite book and let them read it! The best part is you can discuss it together after you did it. Talk about why you like this, or discuss the material, or you can just goof around with it too!

Donating Some Stuff

Share your love with others too! It can be an orphanage, people in need, or even animals. As we know, the virus is getting worse these past few weeks. Someplace have difficulty maintaining food and primary needs. One of the animal shelters in Jakarta is really in need of food. You can look for them here.

Besides animals, of course, you can help children in need too, like Rumah Faye. You can go here to donate for them too! When you share, you will feel happier than keep it just for you ?

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