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Happy National Children’s Day!

On the 23rd of July is Indonesia’s Children’s Day. Children as our light of the future deserve to have their day to remind us! This is a day for Indonesians to remember the importance and indispensability of children for the country’s future and the future of the world. Furthermore, it is a good time to […]

Express Your Emotion with Fromoji 🥰

It’s Emoji Day today! Happy Emoji Day & let’s welcome our newest family member, Fromoji! As you already know, we share some facts about Emoji Day last Wednesday. You may know it already or not, but Emoji Day starts in 2017. Emoji has been an important thing in our daily message. To celebrate this year’s […]

Birthday Celebration Tradition: How it Started?

Birthday is a special day for everyone in their life. Whether you celebrate it or not, it is always been a special day and you can’t help to feel happy about it! Birthday celebration surely a tradition to some people, have you ever wonder how did it start? Let’s find out together about it! First […]

How Well Do You Know Chocolate? Chocolate Facts Edition!

It’s Chocolate Day! Celebration for chocolate around the world! But do you know some fun facts about chocolate? Let’s test your knowledge of chocolate! It used to be a currency for the Aztecs Not just for food, chocolate can be money too! Europeans account for almost half the world’s chocolate consumption Don’t you think it […]

Chocolate Day, The Happiest Day for Desserts!

Can you imagine life without chocolate? Well maybe yes for someone who is allergic to chocolate, but most of us will have a difficult time imagining no chocolate at all. Chocolate has become an important role in the desserts world. And it spread to the savory food too. The uniqueness of chocolate and how versatile […]

Pancake Burger Is Coming to Your Rescue!

Have you ever have any cravings for pancakes and burgers at the same time? Want to eat something that you can grab and carry everywhere without any hassle? Or you are feeling down while you are staying home period? There is Pancake Burger Series now! It is a perfect solution for everything that you want. […]

Beautiful Meaning of Birthday Cake

A birthday celebration has been one of the most important celebrations in your life. It is a special day to celebrate your born date! We are sure every kid finds that Birthday is their special day because they can have a little party. Gather with their friends and family makes them happy. One thing that […]

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