Monthly Archives: April 2021

DORÉ Circle of Love – From Self to the World

“Thank you! For your Loved Ones”  You would probably hear this from our staff after your purchase in one of our shops. ‘For Your Loved Ones’ has been our core value since the beginning, it is the very reason why DORÉ founders created this business, in partnership with LeTAO Japan. We wanted to create food […]

Lebaran Special Fromage: Cendol Nangka Fromage

Cendol and Nangka (Jackfruit) are famous among Indonesian! It’s been our traditional drink and unique versatile fruit. Cendol has been most of the Indonesian kids’ childhood drinks. I remember how often I drink cendol when I was a kid! Meanwhile, Nangka or Jackfruit has been a unique fruit for me. It can be sweet and […]

Kartini Day, Women Power

On 21 April, we will celebrate Kartini’s Day! A true inspiration for all Indonesian women. Kartini is a prominent national hero who was not only brave but a powerful woman. Last month, we launched our Lite Series as a collaboration with Andrea Dian Bimo. Lite Series was launched on International Women’s Day, back in March. […]

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