Kartini Day, Women Power

Kartini Day, Women Power

On 21 April, we will celebrate Kartini’s Day! A true inspiration for all Indonesian women. Kartini is a prominent national hero who was not only brave but a powerful woman. Last month, we launched our Lite Series as a collaboration with Andrea Dian Bimo. Lite Series was launched on International Women’s Day, back in March. Our first ever cake series that is light and less sugar! Lite Series was launched to celebrate women from all over the world as a reminder to express “Love-Yourself ❤️”

We want to remind every woman in Indonesia to be proud of who we are. Now, let’s go through how great all women can become and as a reminder to be proud of ourselves. 

Every Woman Is Really Strong!

“You don’t have to play masculine to be a strong woman – Mary Elizabeth Winstead”

A self-reminder to those who are feeling down lately or just feel unappreciated, please remember this: You are Strong! Just remember that you’ve been working hard and giving your all or maybe on the verge of breaking down, and yet you always hang in there. That’s a very good reason to stay strong, face all the challenges and come out stronger than before because you are confident that all will be well and you can overcome it.

Women are born strong ever since day one. We’ve been facing double standards since young, to be independent but also compassionate, to work at times, and to be there for the family. There are certain expectations that we set for ourselves and also what others expect of us. Yet we try to fulfill the best we can as Women because we are stronger each time.

Women Are Better at Multitasking

A recent study shows that women are actually better at multitasking than men. It shows that women are better and faster with switching tasks than men. This is one of the reasons to remind you that whatever you do, you can do it and for every problem, you are strong enough to complete and face the problems or challenges in life.

So don’t give up whatever happens! Say to yourself that You can do it.

Women are Strong and Can Do Everything

Just remember this mantra: “You can do it because you are strong and you’ve gone this far”

Don’t give up and believe that you are strong enough to attain everything. Like the song said, “what doesn’t kill you make you stronger” 😉 

You Deserve Love and some Treats, such as Cake 🙂

As we know, every Woman is strong and deserves some Love and Treats too! DORÉ as a brand of Sweets and Gifts wants to help you feel the Love through our cake, cookie, and sweets and it will be a pleasure for us to be part of your journey. We will be your reminder to treat yourself every now and then because you lovely women deserve this! And to love yourself don’t be too hard on yourself. To celebrate Kartini Day let’s take this moment to gift your favorite women some cake and gift to show how grateful and thankful you are.

Just remember you are awesome ladies! Treat yourself with something sweet, such as a slice of cake! We will be happy to be part of your Love and Treats 🙂




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