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The Significance of Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak marks the end of Ramadan or the fasting month. Following a period of abstaining from any form of food and drinks from dawn to dusk for 30 days, people gather for the Eid communal prayer in the morning and celebrate the Day of Victory. Beyond the lively celebration, Eid Mubarak has its essence. […]

3 Best Ramadan Snacks For Iftar Party

Ramadan is a time for togetherness. This month, people often host Iftar parties with their loved ones to gather and share laughter, counting every moment and cherishing it. It’s undeniable that hosting an Iftar gathering can be the busiest day for some people, especially when deciding on the menu. However, one thing is for sure, […]

How To Spread Kindness on Ramadan

Ramadan holds great anticipation for many individuals. It stands as a blessed time of the year when we focus on performing self-discipline, spiritual reflection, and acts of kindness. We have learned that even the smallest gesture of kindness leaves a profound impact on others, and every kindness we share will find its way back to […]

Kindness is Your Path to Blessing

In our daily lives, we navigate our journey. Along the way, surely some moments weigh heavy in our hearts. At times like these, spreading kindness can be our guiding light. Kindness encompasses genuine actions of giving and thoughtfulness. Kindness has its remarkable power to brighten one’s day and create big smiles for others. Spreading kindness […]