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How Well Do You Know Chocolate? Chocolate Facts Edition!

It’s Chocolate Day! Celebration for chocolate around the world! But do you know some fun facts about chocolate? Let’s test your knowledge of chocolate! It used to be a currency for the Aztecs Not just for food, chocolate can be money too! Europeans account for almost half the world’s chocolate consumption Don’t you think it […]

Chocolate Day, The Happiest Day for Desserts!

Can you imagine life without chocolate? Well maybe yes for someone who is allergic to chocolate, but most of us will have a difficult time imagining no chocolate at all. Chocolate has become an important role in the desserts world. And it spread to the savory food too. The uniqueness of chocolate and how versatile […]

Cookies: What makes it so addictive

“I love having cookies because it makes my dreams crumb true” I used to love savory desserts and avoid sweets. But since I worked in one of the Japanese cake factories, it changes my whole life. When visiting a cake shop in Japan, I saw a tray of warm cookies coming out from the oven. […]

Satisfy your Craving Without Gaining Weight

Do you ever feel so surfeited while craving some desserts? Or afraid of gaining some weight? But don’t worry! You still can eat your favorite desserts without gaining weight! But how? Should you cut your sugar intake? Doesn’t diet should be maintaining your macros? You don’t have to eat clean for your entire life. Here’s […]

Which Types of Chocolate Are You?

Chocolat Fromage Cheesecake

Chocolate all over places and our minds. There are some types of chocolate that will be our good to go or will always be our favorite one. Every type of chocolate have their own unique flavor and for me, they even have their own character! Sometimes your favorite types of chocolate say something about your […]

Behind the Timeless Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake

We all know this cake. Just by one look, and we can imagine the layers of chocolate-y indulgence in every bite. This is the world infamous Black Forest Cake that comes from Germany.   The Traditional Black Forest Cake We can see many variations of this cake now. But the traditional version has multiple layers […]

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