Chocolate Day, The Happiest Day for Desserts!

Chocolate Day, The Happiest Day for Desserts!

Can you imagine life without chocolate? Well maybe yes for someone who is allergic to chocolate, but most of us will have a difficult time imagining no chocolate at all. Chocolate has become an important role in the desserts world. And it spread to the savory food too.

The uniqueness of chocolate and how versatile it can be, make it worth to be celebrated! A special day to celebrate chocolate, do you know why? Let’s find out more with us!

How Chocolate Day Started?

Chocolate Day will be celebrated on 7 July every year. It started as a commemoration of the introduction of chocolate to Europe in the year 1550. Before that, chocolate was limited to some regions. Not everyone can enjoy chocolate. 

 In 1519, Spanish explorer Hernán Cortés was said to be served a chocolate-based drink called ‘Xocolātl’ by Aztec emperor Montezuma. The explorer took the drink back with him to Spain and added vanilla, sugar, and cinnamon to improve the taste.

Chocolate Getting Popular!

Since then, drink chocolate become popular in English & France in the 1600s. Don’t expect solid chocolate that we found right now, it even doesn’t exist until the 1800s. Since then, chocolate dishes gradually begin and never stop up until now.

Slowly, chocolate in our everyday life. It becomes a popular flavor for foods too. Besides the taste, chocolate ever been as a currency and social class too! Aztec use chocolate as their currency and chocolate at some point reserved just for the noble and the wealthiest person.

Let’s Celebrate Chocolate Day!

Be ready for this 7th July, and celebrate with us for chocolate day! The best way to celebrate it of course by enjoying good chocolate! You can buy it somewhere or just make your own! It can be food, cake, or drinks. Just celebrate it with happiness and thankful that we know chocolate now!

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