How Well Do You Know Chocolate? Chocolate Facts Edition!

How Well Do You Know Chocolate? Chocolate Facts Edition!

It’s Chocolate Day! Celebration for chocolate around the world! But do you know some fun facts about chocolate? Let’s test your knowledge of chocolate!

It used to be a currency for the Aztecs

Not just for food, chocolate can be money too!

Europeans account for almost half the world’s chocolate consumption

Don’t you think it is way too many Europeans? 

Chocolate is kind of a Vegetable

Chocolate was from a tree called the Cacao tree, the member of the family of cotton and okra

The chocolate tree was known as “Food of the Gods”

Theobroma Cacao is the name of chocolate tree, Gods must really love chocolate then 😉

Chocolate has over 600 flavor compounds

It is much more than red wine who just have 200 flavor compounds

Cacao Bean is from Mexico, Central America, and South America

It’s believed that these areas are the first ones who cultivating Cacao Bean

Hot Chocolate was the first chocolate treat

It brewed in Mexico and Aztecs culture, even though it is not as sweet as nowaday

The Chocolate Chip Cookie was invented by accident!

It was supposed to be a Butter Drop Do Cookie, but Ruth Graves Wakefield made some mistakes. The chocolate chips in the batter didn’t melt, and there are Chocolate chip cookies. Thank you, Ruth! 🙂

Napoleon Bonaparte LOVES Chocolate

I mean, come on who doesn’t love chocolate? Even if you are a French leader.

Cacao Trees can live until 200 years old

Older than you, obviously!

Chocolate has a special Melting Point

It will melt at 93° F, just below human body temperature. That’s why chocolate melts easily on our tongue!

It takes about a Year for a Cacao Tree to produce enough Beans to make 10 Hersey Bars!

Our Cacao Tree works really hard, and this is why they deserve their own Celebration Day!

There is Blond Chocolate!

Yes, it’s a different variety of chocolate besides milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and ruby chocolate.

Soldiers during The Revolutionary War were sometimes paid in Chocolate

I’ve told you, it can be a currency too!

Chocolate creates a greater mental high than Kissing Does

It’s hooray for single people out there! (Nah, just kidding) 😛

Do you know all of our chocolate facts? Or do you have more facts than us? Share it with us as part of your celebration on Chocolate Day! Happy Chocolate Day 🍫

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