Monthly Archives: March 2022

DORÉ Medley: A Classic Flavor Combination

DORÉ Medley

Classic flavor combination you’ll love. Why taste one cake when you can have all the slices from each of your favorite classics! It’s your one-way ticket to wonderland! Why not explore and experience the mesmerizing yet artistic-looking dessert. Brace yourself for eight times the love, happiness, and joy. It’s a perfect balance and combination of […]

How Millennials Cope With Their Stress?

Millennials Cope With Their Stress

With all the hustling and bustling that has been going on lately. Millennial generation seems to have managed their activity very well, even though they carried a lot of burdens. We often see them tackling work, school, and social life simultaneously in one day, but in reality, they struggle to cope with their stress. They […]

Caramel Sauce: A Drizzle of Love

Caramel Macchiato

Everyone would love caramel sauce, especially if it was drizzle on top of ice cream, cake, pudding, etc. It adds extra sweetness and connects different flavors very well. Behind the golden brown, sticky, thick, and chewy texture, there is a science in making it. So better be careful if you wanna try it at home! […]

Let’s Celebrate International Women’s Day 2022

International Women's day

Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day 2022! 💜💚🤍 It’s a new year, a fresh start. Let’s forge a gender-equal world for a sustainable tomorrow. These past few years have been a challenge for us all. Especially for women and girls out there. Because of the pandemic, climate change, and less access to basic human rights. Women […]

It’s Important to Raise Self-Awareness

Raise Self-Awareness

Raise self-awareness is important to better understand oneself. Yesterday, on March 1, we celebrated self-injury awareness day through a campaign on social media. In hope that we can be more aware of self-harm and self-injury. And Wearing an orange awareness ribbon is one of the acts to raise self-awareness. I know it’s hard these days […]