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Happy Mother’s Day: We Love You, Mom

Happy International Mother's Day

“We love you, mom, forever and always 💞” Happy Mother’s Day to all the strong and lovely mom’s around the world! Thank you for everything, mom 🥺. On May 8, 2022. Let’s honor and appreciate the kind and caring mothers worldwide. They have always been our role model, a multitalented person, and the one who […]

Sweet and Sincere Gifts For Eid Mubarak


There is nothing wrong with preparing Eid Mubarak gifts for your loved ones starting now. Eid Mubarak is one of the most awaited religious celebrations by many people, especially the people of Indonesia! They gather with their loved ones to forgive each other and share gifts with a sincere heart 🤍. Are you still unsure […]

Chinese New Year Gift Sets: Courageous like Tiger, Adaptable like Water

Chinese New Year Gift Sets

We already know how the Chinese Zodiac works and its origin of it. Now, are you ready for the Chinese New Year celebration? What’s your plan for D-Day? How about Gift Sets for Your Loved Ones? If not, we got you, dear! As we usher in the year of Dynamic Water Tiger, prepare yourself for […]

Indonesia’s Independence Day: Celebration From Home

Indonesia’s Independence Day: Celebration From Home

On August 17th, Indonesian celebrate their Independence Day! Known as Tujuh Belas Agustus Hari Kemerdekaan 😀 A celebration for us that we are a free country, out of colonialist power. It’s a momentum moment for Indonesian. Celebrating independence day is a custom thing to do on August 17th. Sadly, we are in quarantine now and […]

Happy National Children’s Day!

Happy National Childrens Day!

On the 23rd of July is Indonesia’s Children’s Day. Children as our light of the future deserve to have their day to remind us! This is a day for Indonesians to remember the importance and indispensability of children for the country’s future and the future of the world. Furthermore, it is a good time to […]

Pancake Burger Is Coming to Your Rescue!

Pancake Burger Is Coming to Your Rescue!

Have you ever have any cravings for pancakes and burgers at the same time? Want to eat something that you can grab and carry everywhere without any hassle? Or you are feeling down while you are staying home period? There is Pancake Burger Series now! It is a perfect solution for everything that you want. […]

Reasons of Why You Should Love Cookies

Reasons of Why You Should Love Cookies

Cookies-oh-cookies! Uncommonly made, Uncommonly good I Cookies So Much! Cookies are my favorite snack to eat, it just so fun and delicious to munch it! Here are some of the reasons Why You Should Love Cookies! (if you did not yet love it, let me convince you) Ideal Traveling Food They are practical because of […]

DORÉ Circle of Love – From Self to the World

DORÉ Circle of Love ? From Self to the World

“Thank you! For your Loved Ones”  You would probably hear this from our staff after your purchase in one of our shops. ‘For Your Loved Ones’ has been our core value since the beginning, it is the very reason why DORÉ founders created this business, in partnership with LeTAO Japan. We wanted to create food […]

Lebaran Special Fromage: Cendol Nangka Fromage

Lebaran Special Fromage: Cendol Nangka Fromage

Cendol and Nangka (Jackfruit) are famous among Indonesian! It’s been our traditional drink and unique versatile fruit. Cendol has been most of the Indonesian kids’ childhood drinks. I remember how often I drink cendol when I was a kid! Meanwhile, Nangka or Jackfruit has been a unique fruit for me. It can be sweet and […]

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