Your Ultimate Guide to DORÉ Fromage Sizes

Did you know our cheesy and melt-in-your-mouth cheesecake, Fromage, is available in three delightful sizes? Whatever celebrations you plan to revel in with your loved ones, our Fromage promises an enhancement to your memories. Today, let us take you to discover the sizes of DORÉ Fromage!

Original Size
Our original size is in diameter 12,7cm. Though quite tiny, it offers a rich and flavorful indulgence perfect for personal enjoyment or sharing with a companion. Packaged with thin wood-material packaging, we ensure a safe and beautiful cake upon arrival. This size applies to Original Fromage and Chocolat Fromage.

Grandeur Size
For those seeking a bigger indulgence, give our grandeur-size Fromage a try! With a diameter of 20cm, you can share this heavenly-smooth cheesecake for 8-12 people. Enhance the beauty of your Fromage with our refreshing fruit topping (Burgundy) and edible flowers topping (Cherie). This larger size surely enriches your celebration experience!

Party Size
For grand occasions, we offer a party size, our largest-sized Fromage with a size of 20cm x 30cm. This Fromage is ideal for sharing precious moments with your loved ones. With the option of adorning your cake with Burgundy and Cherie toppings, let’s create lasting memories with our taste of creaminess!

Which one would you like to have for your next celebrations, aDORÉbles? Comment your thoughts down below!


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