Fromage Throwback: Our Fromage Creations From Time to Time

Our Fromage story begins with the Original Fromage and Chocolat Fromage that our Loved Ones have loved for years. Throughout the long and eventful journey, we kept ourselves busy to craft exciting new flavour creations that surprise everyone! In this article, let’s take a trip down memory lane to reminisce about our Fromage creations from the past.

Melon Fromage
The 2018 Lunar Special Fromage, a unique sweetness of cheese and Melon altogether to brighten your Lunar New Year and welcome a new beginning with your loved ones perfectly!

Café Au Lait Fromage
When coffee meets cheese, there is nothing better than this! Start your morning right with a lingering slice of uplifting aromatic blend from coffee and cream cheese. Don’t you wish to try it?

Matcha Fromage
A deep flavour of Uji Matcha blends perfectly with baked cream cheese and Mascarpone cheese cream.. A true journey to Japan within every bite! Creamy and melting in your mouth, this cake is surely a whole new level of cheesecake.

Strawberry Chocolat Fromage
Strawberry and Chocolate are a match made in heaven. This Valentine’s Fromage in 2019 was everyone’s way to express their love during the love season, creating unforgettable moments and butterflies in the stomach!

Choco Avocado Fromage
Creamy baked cheese with avocado mousse? Why not! A Japanese cheesecake with a legendary taste, the perfect treat to bring back the sweet memories and the best one you will ever have!

Black Sesame Fromage
Spooky season is here! We celebrated Halloween in 2019 with Black Sesame Fromage when baked cheese sesame meets mascarpone cheese. Of course, to top it off, we’ve also got black sesame soboro!

Winterberry Fromage
This Christmas 2019 Fromage was made with fresh sourberry filling and soft white chocolate mousse. On top of the cake, white soboro is poured all over the cake to make it like winter snow! The perfect combination of berry flavour and cheese to welcome the wonderful time of the year.

Ruby Fromage
Welcoming the Chinese New Year 2020 with Ruby Fromage, where you can taste a blend of ruby chocolate and cheese! Inside, there is Mascarpone ruby chocolate cheese mousse and baked cream cheese. What a great way to start the new year.

Durian Fromage
Our special collaboration with Tokopedia, Durian Fromage was a new level of our Japanese cheesecake! Inside, you can experience a harmony of baked cheese mascarpone and durian mousse. Unlike other Fromage, this cake is covered with durian crepe on top.

Thai Tea Fromage
What if we turn Thai tea drink into a cake? It’s Thai Tea Fromage! Layers of baked cheese cake, Thai tea mascarpone mousse, and Thai tea soboro take you to a wonderful taste of Thailand.

Hazelnut Praline Fromage
Soft sponge layered with rich hazelnut mousse, baked cheesecake, hazelnut praline feuilletine, and hazelnut soboro. This is where softness and crunchiness meet in your taste buds.

Okinawa Brown Sugar Fromage
We all remember that Okinawa Brown Sugar became a hit for any kind of dessert, and we surely want to step in! Its heavenly layers consist of baked cheese, Okinawa brown sugar, creamy mascarpone mousse, and Kinako soboro to represent Okinawa’s sand.

White Lotus Fromage
The special Fromage to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival by turning mooncake into a Fromage! Made with baked cheese, sweet & sticky white lotus bean paste, and mascarpone mousse, a truly sweet treat for your quality time with loved ones.

Choco Framboise Fromage
The sweet companion for Christmas 2021 was Choco Framboise Fromage. A mixture of rich chocolate, cheese, and raspberry in one bite. All-in-one flavours that burst happiness!

D’Orange Au Chocolat Fromage
Chinese New Year is associated with oranges, symbolizing good luck and representing wealth. We combined the tangy taste of oranges with sweet chocolate into a Fromage to accompany the celebrations!

Mango Coconut Fromage
Welcoming Ramadan and Eid Mubarak with Mango Coconut Fromage! Layers of mango jelly, coconut mousse, and mango coconut soboro await everyone for Iftar time, the sweet indulgence takjil that everyone loves.

Strawberry Fromage
On Valentine’s Day 2023, we created our first-ever Fromage in a heart shape! The smoothest and melt-in-your-mouth cheesecake with tangy strawberry flavour. Surely, it will make you truly, madly, deeply in love!

Caramel Toffee Fromage
The Christmas exclusive Fromage featured a salted caramel layer and caramel mousse in between layers of cheese! This fromage takes you on a merry journey into the world of caramel enchantment!

Which of the above Fromage flavours have you tried, aDORÉbles? Comment down below!

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