Sharing Love Through Sweets ❤️

Rooting in the enduring appeal of Fromage cake, DORÉ by LeTAO excels in crafting quality cakes and desserts with an aim to accompany you along a gratifying journey of taste.We’re intent is to bestow the golden moment of every celebration. We want you to indulge in our sweets and cakes by Sharing Love Through Sweets with your Loved Ones!

Meaning of DORÉ

It’s no coincidence that DORÉ means “golden” in French. Our cheesecake is always best enjoyed when shared and that means any quality time spent with your family and friends through us will be a truly golden one ✨We are under the Omiyage company. Omiyage means souvenirs in Japanese, and the company was founded in 2015 by a group of individuals who have a strong Indonesian and Japanese network. DORÉ as the Indonesian brand of LeTAO holds the same principle but with an addition.

“Everything is made with Love and for Love,

For yourself, your Loved Ones, and to The Others”

Circle of Love

Self-Love“LOVE” is the main theme of the brand and DORÉ is the ambassador of “LOVE”. We want people to feel LOVED and JOY through the experience of DORÉ. Our concept of Love, we called it Circle of Love and we hold it dearly to our heart. There is 3 main point in our Circle of Love. The first one is Self-Love, the second point is For the Loved-Ones, and last but not least is Love for the Others (humanity and universe).We make sure our products always around this Circle of Love ❤️ We hope through our sweets delicacy, we can share our Love with you and everyone else. We want to help you and be one of your channels to share your Love, either to Yourself, Your Loved-Ones, or even to Anyone ElseLove,DORÉ