The Secret Behind Mille Crepe: More Than Just Crepe

The Secret Behind Mille Crepe: More Than Just Crepe

You may be wondering why Mille Crepe is so delicious. What kind of secret formula makes a delightful experience while eating it? Here is the secret behind Mille Crepe!

The Thousand-Layer Cake or the Mille Crepe is a delicious and stunning layered crepe filled with cream. You might guess that Mille Crepe will have a thick, doughy, malleable consistency, but it’s not. The Mille Crepe texture is very light, almost cloud like, also not too greasy. It spreads very evenly and thinly and it’s so silky even a simple fork can easily glide through.  When you have your first bite you will feel the sensation of melty feeling all over your mouth.

There is a significant contrast between American style crepes with a French and Japanese crepes. American crepes tend to be very sweet and heavy, meanwhile Japanese crepes combine French’s pastry techniques with Japanese sensibilities.

Mille Crepe is all about the layers. It is the combination between 20 layers of crepes and 20 layers of pastry cream. Layered but still light, moist crepes will have the fragrance of fresh whipped cream. A perfectly round crepe cakes will be cut into several triangle portion slices. Cutting through crepe cakes perfectly will surely bring immense satisfaction.

The secret of making a perfect Mille Crepe is to be precise in every details. The process of making a Mille Crepe is a very methodical step by step process. It starts from beating and whisking all the flour, sugar, eggs into a fine dough and layering it with decent whipped cream. The best Mille Crepe comes from a skilful hand and high quality ingredients through an intensive process. It might sound unimportant, but if you are careless about the steps you might get a tough crepe instead.

There are some exclusive flavours of Mille Crepe in Dore by LeTAO such as Original Mille Crepes, Crème de Cookies Mille Crepes, Red Velvet Mille Crepes, and Chocolate Mille Crepes. Which one satisfies your taste buds?

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