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Halloween Fun Without Trick-or-Treat!


Trick-or-Treat! 👻🎃 This phrase you most probably hear and see a lot around October. It’s a sign that is Halloween nearby! Since Covid, it must be hard to the tradition of trick-or-treating. People are worried might get infected or vice versa. What’s the alternative for it? Here are some of our suggestions to do Halloween […]

Classic French Desserts That You Can’t Say NO

Classic French Desserts

Have you ever get desserts and you can’t say no to them? We are sure you have that! Even though you may not a sweet tooth, but there are some desserts that you can’t say no to! Especially French Desserts. I often found them irresistible!  Here are some lists of Classic French Desserts that you […]

10 Classic Desserts That You Need To Try It!

Classic Desserts

Dessert Day is near! We will celebrate them on the 14th of October. You can read about Dessert Day history here, and today we will list the top 10 classic desserts that you need to know and tried it! If you are a sweet tooth or certified desserts person, let’s check have you tried all […]