4 Fun Facts About Chocolate You Have Never Heard of


Are you aware that there are more than three types of chocolate?  Did you know that the Nazis hid a bomb underneath chocolate in World War II? With chocolate day only 5 days away, here are 4 fun facts about chocolate you have never heard of.

Chocolate as explosives

Did you know that during World War II, the Nazis tried to kill prime minister Winston Churchill with an exploding bar of chocolate. The Nazis found a way to hide explosives in everyday items like chocolate bars, cans of plums, and shaving brushes. One day, the British forces found explosives inside a chocolate bar named Peter’s chocolate.

Steel and canvas were found underneath the exterior, which was designed to set off the explosives after a piece of chocolate broken off from the bar. It was said that the chocolate bar would’ve been delivered to the prime minister had the British forces not interfered.

Dark chocolate minimizes heart disease

Research indicates that the consumption of dark chocolate reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases through reducing blood pressure, widening the arteries, and promoting fluid blood flow which reduces artery blockage. Furthermore, the people who consume dark chocolate have lower levels of C reactive protein which reduces chronic inflammation. It is best to eat 6.7 Grams of dark chocolate a day for maximum effect.

4 types of chocolate

Chocolate is divided into four kinds: Milk, Dark, White, and Blonde. While people are familiar with the first three, Blonde chocolate remains relatively unknown. Blonde chocolate is white chocolate that has been chopped, heated, and stirred until it turns golden-brown. This leads to buttery and toasty flavors, velvety texture, with a little pinch of nuttiness. Blonde chocolate can be used as a substitute for White chocolate but is more complex and powerful.

Chocolate as an energy source

During World War II , the US military approached the Hershey company to ask if they could have emergency rations for their soldiers. The bars Hershey made tasted awful but were light, high energy, and more resistant to heat. This was ideal as it did not interfere in combat but would only be eaten in emergencies. However, the troops absolutely despised it that Hershey had to make a new chocolate bar, the tropical bar.

This bar contained lots of sugar which would energize the troops and taste well on the side. Pretty soon, the forces started receiving powdered orange, caramel, and chocolate and were used as meal replacements instead of rations.

Those were the 4 fun facts about chocolate you have never heard of.

Which one did you find most interesting?

Or do you have other fun chocolate facts you’d like to share?

Either way, we’d love to hear them. Drop a comment down below and let us know!






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