10 Classic Desserts That You Need To Try It!

Classic Desserts

Dessert Day is near! We will celebrate them on the 14th of October. You can read about Dessert Day history here, and today we will list the top 10 classic desserts that you need to know and tried it!

If you are a sweet tooth or certified desserts person, let’s check have you tried all of them?

1. Crème Brûlée

Famous desserts from French! It’s a creamy custard topped with a layer of crunchy caramel. It is famous for the burned sugar on top of it which makes it crunchy and different. 

2. Apple Pie

The classic apple pie! What’s more American than apple pie? Nothing! The pie — consisting of apple pieces wrapped in a flaky crust — can be served with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, or even cheddar cheese.

3. Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is an old dish that has been prepared since Medieval times in Europe and the Middle East. Consists of stale bread that is bathed in a combination of milk, sugar, eggs, nuts, and fruits, and is then baked into a delicious dessert.

4. Chiffon Cake

“Chiffon” conjures an antique southern afternoon. Airy, high, and delicious cake! You must have tried it, right? If not, you are missing something in your life!

5. Brownies

This one is a must! either it is soft chewy or crunchy soft inside, you need to try it at least once in your life! Even you need to taste it more 😉 Chocolate heaven to all of us.

6. Carrot Cake

A unique cake using unusual ingredients to make a cake. Homey and full of warmth cake that will make you remember about your grandmother’s house, full of Love!

7. Cupcakes

Small cake in a cup! They are perfect desserts for you and even kids. People are obsessed with this cute dessert that makes them can’t stop eating and admiring it!

8. Molten Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake but with a surprise inside! Soft chocolate cake and explosion of liquid chocolate out of the cake. A must desserts too!

9. Black Forest

A common cake for someone on their birthday! Chocolate goodness and cherry make it pretty and yummy. Almost everyone falls in love with this cake. A goddess cake!

10. Cheesecake!

Last but not least, of course, cheesecake! An alternative for someone who is allergic to chocolate. A lot of different kinds of cheesecake that you should try at least once in your life too. 

There are the lists, have you tried all of them? As Desserts Day is coming, make sure you’ve tried these 10 classic Desserts! Especially the number 10 😉

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