World Heart Day, #UseHeart to Connect

World Heart Day

On the 29th of September, we are celebrating World Heart Day! A day to remember how important to keep your heart healthy. A beautiful reminder to raise awareness about the potential of cardiovascular diseases.

On this day, what things that you can do? Or what’s the origin of World Heart Day?

What is World Heart Day?

It was founded in 2000 by the World Heart Federation. Every September 29th, the celebration informs millions of people around the globe about ways to improve their heart health. It’s a time to raise awareness and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. It is really important to all of us to understand how to prevent it and control the risks of it!

How We Celebrate It?

By being aware of the possibilities of diseases is really helping too! Knowing more about our heart and the most important how to keep it healthy! You can join public speakers about our heart and sporting events too!

Being Active and Keep Healthy!

It’s really important to keep active for our heart and eat healthy too! Being active by doing regular exercise, and eat the right food too! It’s good prevention that you can do to minimize the risks. You can do a simple exercise like jogging or a cardio dance (it’s really fun!). Eat healthy and right thing is helping too! Find a balanced diet and treat once in a while is okay but keep an eye on the nutritions!

#UseHeart to Connect

This year’s theme for World Heart Day according to World Heart Federation is about Harnessing the power of digital health to improve awareness, prevention, and management of Cardiovascular Diseases. Since technology and digital media is a big role in our life right now, WHF wants to use the digital platform as a way to share the awareness.

This year, they even give us a special hashtag. It’s #UseHeart to Connect. It’s a beautiful message to remind us how important it is our heart! It even can be a way to heal other hearts too 🙂

Use ❤️ to Beat 💔

In the spirit of World Heart Day, we want to spread awareness too! So here’s to a healthier heart, life, and humanity!

Happy World Heart Day! ❤️

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