La Carrot: DORÉ Lite Series Newest Cake!

La Carrot

If you are a fan of a healthy lifestyle, sweet tooth, and pretty things, this one is for you! Our newest collection for DORÉ Lite, La Carrot 🧡

It’s our version of traditional carrot cake with our touch! Want to know it better? let’s dive into it!

La CarrotTraditional Carrot Cake Origin

Do you know how carrot cake was invented? Back then, sugar and sweeteners really hard to get or really expensive. People still want to enjoy sweets, such as cakes. So they are trying to find sugar and sweeteners replacement. 

Turns out, carrot is a good substitute for sweeteners! Carrots bring out the sweet flavors without sugars, a natural sweetener. Besides carrots, usually, there are other spices too for example cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and many more.

Light, Less Sugar

As a part of DORÉ Lite, of course, La Carrot is also less sugar and still tasty too! Sweet yet healthier too! You can still enjoy your favorite cakes with our DORÉ Lite Series collection! It is Light, tasty, and makes you no worries about the treat!

Unique Ingredients

La Carrot was inspired by traditional carrot cake. We are still using the traditional ingredients, less sugar, and of course carrots and spices. You can find it in our sponge cake. Delicious yet giving you unique thinking, cakes can be made with ‘savory’ ingredients!

Make You Feels Like Home

Carrot cake is usually associated with grandma’s home or homemade cake. It’s a cake that reminds you of feeling comfortable with love and warmth. The same thing with La Carrot, we want to bring this feeling of comfortable, homey feeling in every bite!

You definitely have a feeling of nostalgia in grandma’s home. For example, eating ginger candies there or foods that are used a lot of spices, good food! We want to bring this feeling to you and hit your good memories and feeling like Home 😊

La Carrot: Light, Unique, Homey 🧡

What makes our La Carrot different from the traditional one? It is our presentation of the cake. We make it more modern, and prettier so you can use this cake as your celebration cake too! La Carrot will make you feel comfortable like Home or Your Childhood Memories. With unique ingredients and light because of less sugar! 

Light, Unique, and Homey feeling with DORÉ Lite newest cake, La Carrot 🧡

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