Halloween Fun Without Trick-or-Treat!


Trick-or-Treat! ??

This phrase you most probably hear and see a lot around October. It’s a sign that is Halloween nearby! Since Covid, it must be hard to the tradition of trick-or-treating. People are worried might get infected or vice versa. What’s the alternative for it?

Here are some of our suggestions to do Halloween Fun without Trick-or-Treat ?

Spooky Movie Marathon

If you are an introvert, this spooky movie marathon will be your first list need to do! Grab your coziest blanket and pillows, favorite snacks, and a list of spooky movies that you should watch! If you have your special friend, grab them and snuggle together in this spooky season!

Costume Parade!

Missing the costume thing? Let’s plan some costume parade with your friends! You may not go to the bar yet, or not feel it, but you can organize online costume parade! Let’s say this is your Halloween fashion show. Let your creative side out with this costume parade ?

Halloween Craft Night!

You are more of a creative side but don’t like something that creepy? Or do you want to do something with your kids? Halloween Craft Night can be your savior! It is kids friendly and fun too for adults. Try these easy Halloween crafts for your night.

Halloween Candy Hunt

This one will be your favorite. You can hide the Halloween candy around the house, and let it be a candy hunt, like an Easter egg hunt! It’s fun and feels rewarding when you got that sweets little joy ?

Drive-In Haunted House

This can be your option right now! Recently Mall of Indonesia had this cool drive-in haunted house experience! You will be saved, both in virus and ghosts, and you get the adrenaline too! Check them out here.

Deconstruct Your Favorite Cake into Spooky

A perfect fun thing to do with your little kids too or anyone! You can hold your own competition on who has the best spooky deconstruct cake. You can buy your favorite cake then be creative as you can to make it spooky! Shall we do this?

Here are our lists for your alternative way to have fun on Halloween. Will you try that? If yes, share it with us too! ✨


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