Le Crunch: Japanese Cookie Style!

Le Crunch

Have you ever tried Japanese Cookie Style? It’s not a regular cookie! This is a special cookie called Maalu and we are inspired by our Japan brand, LeTAO! Right now, we are making our version and available just for you!

Do you know what is Maalu or Le Crunch? Let’s get to know it more!

LeTAO’s Premier Maalu

Premier Maalu offers fragrant wheat with a crunchy and crispy texture. It’s like rice crispy treats but they are using Feuillantine and this is the secret to a tasty feeling! Feuillantine is a thin-crushed crepe and LeTAO used Feuillantine to challenge the conventional knowledge of crunch chocolate.

We don’t want typical crunch chocolate, but how can we make our crunch chocolate original and unique? The chocolatier’s thoughts turned the Feuillantine chocolate into the base ingredients for Maalu!

Le Crunch, DORÉ by LeTAO Maalu Version

As we are really inspired by LeTAO, we want to make Maalu for our beloved country, Indonesia. To make it easier, we called it Le Crunch! Even the taste and ingredients are the same as Premier Maalu LeTAO. Once you taste the crunch, you will fall in love with it!

Le Crunch: The Art of Desserts

Le Crunch is part of the Jakarta Dessert Week 2021! We are really excited to be part of it. As this year’s theme is art, we want to make the Art of Desserts! Something sweet, delectable, and crunchy! Le Crunch is indeed the perfect sweets!

It’s inspired by abstract art, you will find unique beauty! 

“Art has no rules, but when Art meets Desserts it can rule the world”


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