How Millennials Cope With Their Stress?

Millennials Cope With Their Stress

With all the hustling and bustling that has been going on lately. Millennial generation seems to have managed their activity very well, even though they carried a lot of burdens.

We often see them tackling work, school, and social life simultaneously in one day, but in reality, they struggle to cope with their stress. They seem anxious and depressed, to the point they failed to realize that the most important stuff is their health and happiness.

Parents usually say, “what’s wrong with kids these days?”. Because they see their kids or teens obsessed over gadgets, social media, online games, online shops, and they seem to be lonely most of the time. While some of them are too busy studying hard, working hard, and aiming toward success, which I think is great.

But sometimes, they become less happy and more depressed. We see them seek part-time jobs while still studying at school or Uni because of financial problems. The truth is, they’re all scared about their future. I mean, we all do, but how will you even survive in the future if you have a health problem at such a young age? But maybe these tips can help millennials cope with their stress.

Remember to sleep and eat well

Are you familiar with this sentence? “I’m so tired, I slept like 3-4 hours a day!”. I think we’ve all heard of this before.

Chances are, we tend to overthink certain matters, or we haven’t finished yet, and vice versa. We skip or delay breakfast, lunch, and dinner because we’re too exhausted or lazy and don’t have time to sit around at the dining table while having a decent conversation with other family members.

If you feel like that, then stop what you are doing now! Not having social interaction, not sleeping well, or eating less healthy food can cause severe physical and mental health implications. You’re a human, not a robot, go and grab a sweet treat or a portion of healthy food and drinks, and have enough sleep time. And you will see the difference in your mood and work performance.

Workout more and go outside!

Don’t just sit in front of your gadget or stare at your bedroom wall every time you’re bored. Go jogging or biking with your family and close friends or with your pets. Participate in a meditation class, spend time in nature and enjoy the fresh air!

Do something fun with your loved ones and don’t be afraid to ask for help

Your families and friends care about you, that’s why you need to care for yourself too. Ask for help from someone close to you, go on a trip and have a fun time with your loved ones, play your favorite traditional games, channel your emotion through creativity, enjoy the food you love, etc.

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