Cookies: What makes it so addictive


“I love having cookies because it makes my dreams crumb true”

I used to love savory desserts and avoid sweets. But since I worked in one of the Japanese cake factories, it changes my whole life. When visiting a cake shop in Japan, I saw a tray of warm cookies coming out from the oven. Soft, moist, gooey, with such a delicious aroma. It’s really tantalizingly delicious and made me mouthwatering with its delicate aroma.

My most favorite one is chocolate chip cookie. A delicious buttery with chocolate glazing inside and dotted with chocolate chips served with fresh hot warm milk. Eating a bite will never enough, it truly such a blessing moment!

The addictive key for cookies is the texture and flavor

Don’t get me wrong I’m being the type of person that a little bit picky when it comes to cookies. Sometimes it gets really hard to chew hard cookies. The key is to have the right texture and flavor. Every bite must be delicate
You will hit the cookie, which has crispness in the cookie crumb, and then the chocolate, which is dense and forms when you bite through it. It’s very harmonious. Thin crispy cookies or thick gooey cookies. Both very mouth-watering and that type of cake is definitely addictive.

Every person has their own happy indulgence or preference of how these sweets could be such an addictive thing.
Indulging a cookie should be a happy experience.
I love the phrase “How to win a man’s heart through his stomach.”
When correlated with this topic, it would be “how to get the best cookies is from the flavor and texture”

“The main thing is not to think of food as good food and bad food. It’s all good. It’s how much you eat of it”

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