Spring : Delightful Season To Enjoy

Spring : Delightful Season To Enjoy

Goodbye December and Welcome January!

As we know there are four temperate seasons and my favorite is Spring Time. It’s the season of ideas about rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, awakening, and regrowth. It’s like a representation of the new year with a new spirit. Some countries have unique natural events when springs come. Such natural events are like hundreds of cherry blossoms in Japan or beautiful chrysanthemum fields in Australia.

We might not experience this natural event. This is because Indonesia has a tropical climate. Indonesia only has two seasons; it is a dry season (April to October), and a rainy season, (November to March) and we enjoy hot and humid temperatures all year round.

We enjoy hot and humid temperatures all year round. However, there are some similarities of spring season in countries with four seasons that we can enjoy in Indonesia as well! Here are a couple of benefits of spring that people all around the world can enjoy:

More Daylight

More daylight means more sunshine and clear skies. When you spend some time in the morning under the sunlight, it not only provides you with some essential Vitamin D but it can also be a mood-booster to start your day with more excitement!

More Creative

Spending time outside in the sunshine is one of the triggers that can improve your creativity and makes you become more open to various information and thoughts, therefore enabling you to get through your work with more clarity.

More Vegetables to Eat

Spring is the time of year where many vegetables and fruits are available for purchase. Getting more of them for your diet early in the year not only makes you healthier physically, but it will also make you feel happier and more satisfied overall. So be sure to eat plenty of greens, so that you don’t feel guilty when you eat our tasty sweets from Dore afterward!

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