Giving Through Lebaran Hampers

Giving Through Lebaran Hampers

Eid Mubarak is coming! It’s the month full of Forgiving and Giving ❤️. It’s an important celebration for most Indonesians! They gather with their most Loved ones to enjoy and share the love throughout this endearing season. We dream to be one of your channels to serve your desire to share your love, like through Lebaran Hampers!

Heart of Giving

This Lebaran has special meaning to us. It marks the end or soon to be of the challenging time we’ve been through last year. Also through those times, we’ve learned of the inseparable connection between all of us. We are much more connected than ever before, everyone was affected no matter where you are in the world. And we know each one of us, no matter where you are, has to rise up in strength and love for our world to heal back in joy.

It is also through these times that we witnessed the love and kindness in humanity when the world has shown care to each other, helping each other to stand up again, through Giving. Giving a piece of your time, attention, or things will make a difference to those in need around us. Starting from our most loved ones, such as our families and friends, to anyone that makes us smile or even a stranger. Do you remember the feeling when we actually give a piece of us or what we have to help the people around us? 

Yes! It is in the Giving that we Receive. By giving, we receive the happiness and that love and smile back at us that will make our day. We all have been there

“For it is in giving that we receive”

We want to invite you, as our family to join us in our “Heart of Giving” initiative. We will give away hundreds of goodies bags of cookies to our customers. Each goodie bag contains 3 pieces of cookies! We want you to enjoy one for yourself, one for your most loved ones, and one for anyone who makes you smile that day or anyone in need. We believe by doing this will start the ripple effect of the Circle of Love because people pay it forward. When we’re happy, we’re most likely to spread more happiness to those around us. It is our human nature! ❤️

DORÉ Special Hampers Lebaran

To help you to serve your giving needs, we also prepare special Lebaran Hampers! It will be beautiful gift packaging and delicious cakes and cookies inside! We have Caspia, The Shoffar A, The Shoffar B, Zamraad, Alaya Basket, The Fitri A, The Fitri B, The Fitri C, Mubaraq A, Mubaraq B, and Mubaraq Gran for our special Hampers. 

We put special meaning to each of our Lebaran hampers. For example, our Alaya Basket is meant to be simple hampers for the heart of greatness and The Fitri is the peaceful hampers to fill your heart full of Love, and The Shoffar meant to wish your day be full of Love and Hope.

Share, Give, and Feel the Love ❤️

We all have with us that Heart of Giving where we desire to give and share. DORÉ as a brand of Love understands and strives to be serving more than just your hampers sending needs, but passing your sincere message and love to your families & friends in the greatest detail of our beautiful packaging, tasty cakes and cookies, and meaningful gift cards. Thank you for allowing us to serve you in your Giving needs and for you to be part of our Circle of Love!




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