Valentine: Things You Should Avoid

Valentine: Things You Should Avoid

Valentine is the most awaited event to share our affection and love to our partners, beloved ones, friends, family, or others. We usually sharing our love through gifts. But did you know that not everything that we give can please them? Here are things that you should avoid during this lovely day!

Giving Something That Not Useful

I know- we know that gift is everything during this season. A huge teddy bear or bunch of flowers are romantic. But stop! Not all of them are going to be okay! Sometimes we should know what exactly our receiver wants. Don’t gift them something that they will never use. It going to be sitting right there in the corner and probably ended to be thrown away. Flowers and teddy bears will be nice during valentine, but it will seem strange outside of this lovely season love.

Eating smelly foods

On this special occasion, we tend to give a good first impression to impress others. Imagine if we eat stink and smelly foods right before a date with our lovers! Big no! It could be an instant turn off. Try to avoid foods that make your breath smell and don’t forget to keep your teeth clean!

Do not be late!

Time is money, honey!

People put a lot of effort and time to be able to meet us. Whether they came from the office or from their home, wearing nice clothes paired with a classic perfume, using proper makeup, etc. They already spare their time for us. Appreciate it, make sure you arrive 15 minutes earlier. Don’t forget to bring some sweets for this Valentine!

Those previous points are some things you should avoid during Valentine’s Day! Make sure you take some notes and let’s celebrate it with your loved ones and enjoy your holiday!
Be safe and stay healthy!

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