Mother’s Day Celebration Around The World

Celebrating Mother’s Day can be done in your own unique style. Gifts such as love letters, flowers, and special cards are the popular essentials to give on Mother’s Day. However, some countries have unique traditions to honour Mothers on this special day. Today, let’s discover them!

In Ethiopia, the Mother’s Day celebration is called “Anthrost” for three days in the mid-fall. The main traditions include enjoying special meals, singing traditional songs, and lighting bonfires. Ethiopians partake in a hash feast during the celebration, with daughters bringing butter, cheese, vegetables, and spices, while sons bring meat. After a fulfilling meal, it’s time for singing! Mothers and daughters cover their faces with butter while the men sing songs.

In Italy, La Festa della Mamma or Mother’s Day is all about giving a break for Mothers from household chores and allowing them some relaxing pamper time. To ensure the daily household activities are still managed, family members, especially children, take over the chores that Mothers typically handle at home.

In Thailand, Mother’s Day falls on the birthday of Queen Sirkit (August 12). On this loving day, Mothers visit their children at school for a special celebration. Children kneel at their Mother’s feet as a token of appreciation and respect for their sacrifices. The traditional gift on Mother’s Day in Thailand is dok mali or a jasmine flower that has a meaning of purity and love.

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day and honour your Mother, aDORÉbles? Share your thoughts down below!


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