Coffee Roll Cake: A Bittersweet Delight

Toraja Kopi Roll Cake by DORE, a bittersweet delight

Desserts and cakes are known to be dominated by the sweet taste of sugar or chocolate. Though fruits, jam, and other aspects could add variations of flavor, ‘sweet’ is the prominent taste of most desserts and cakes. In DORÉ by LeTAO, we offer you another choice. We present to you, our very own coffee roll cake named Toraja Kopi Roll Cake.

The Origin

In Indonesia, coffee takes a big part in people’s daily life. There are some well-known coffee origins from Indonesia, such as Kintamani Coffee from Bali, Gayo Coffee from Sumatera, and Toraja Coffee from Sulawesi. The distinct taste and aroma make each of them special. Not only well-known locally, but those coffee are also recognized internationally.

Kintamani Coffee has a fruity taste and mild flavor, meanwhile, Gayo Coffee has a strong fragrance and leaves a very bitter taste. As for Toraja Coffee, it has a very rich flavor and balanced taste of fruity and dark chocolate undertone. These combinations have made Toraja Coffee as one of the best types of coffee in the world a few years back.

Our Craft

Toraja Kopi Roll Cake is not only serving a pleasant taste, but it also serves an experience. The distinct taste and aroma from Tanamera’s Toraja Coffee will greet you, along with the soft and silky Namaleka Cream. Each bite will have the bitterness of the coffee and the sweetness of a dessert, complementing one another as a unit. The bittersweet delight of our Toraja Kopi Roll Cake will leave a statement, as a memory.

As Toraja Coffee is an authentic coffee from Indonesia and we bare the message of being proud Indonesians. Through our Toraja Kopi Roll Cake, our message is being sent to all of our lovely customers. We not only to please your palette, but we also aim to be a reminder. A reminder of home, of Indonesia.


Do you have any particular type of coffee you like? Let us know your thoughts.

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