Snack Recommendations for Iftar

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Ramadhan is near, it is the perfect time for us to gather with the people we hold dear. The special time of iftar is often being the highlight of the day. We can sit and eat together before praying Taraweeh. Some people do not eat a proper meal right away, they rather eat light snacks first and then eat a proper meal after prayers. Have you thought of anything for the snacks? Worry not, we have some snack recommendations for iftar.

  1. Cheddar and Gouda Cookies

The signature cookies from DORÉ by LeTAO truly have a balance of sweet and savory. Cookies are generally easy to eat as they are known to be light. It is perfect for all ages, especially the elderly who do not fancy overly sweet food. Cheddar and Gouda Cookies are simple, yet rich in texture and taste. Serve with warm tea, your iftar will be filled with glee.

  1. Pandan Kaya Roll Cake

Looking for a statement piece yet still delightful? Pandan Kaya Roll Cake is the perfect match for you. The bright green color surely will lighten up the room and elevate your dinner table. It is the perfect sweet to increase your sugar level without being overbearing. Let your loved ones have a slice and enjoy the delight of kaya topped with light cream!

  1. DORÉ Medley

A variety of cakes, there is something for everyone! Though a slice of cake sounds heavy for iftar, who could resist the charm? This specific choice is perfect if you are hosting an iftar for many people or if you want to try many flavors of cake at once. DORÉ Medley consists of eight flavors, which are Black Forest, Original Fromage, Chocolate Fromage, Ruby Fromage, Lotus Biscoff, Mango Bliss, Double Chocolate, and Matcha Chocolate. With the wide selection, it surely is enough for everyone.

Now, have you decided on your choice of iftar snacks yet?

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