Is Panna Cotta A Pudding?

Panna Cotta

You know that jiggly pudding-shaped dessert, usually served on a plate or in a jar? The texture does not really make it a pudding nor a custard. This creates a big confusion between pudding, custard, panna cotta, and sometimes mousse. Let’s find out!

Pudding is quite the complicated dessert.

According to the british definition, a pudding can be both a sweet and savory dish. Sometimes, pudding is actually used as a generic British term for dessert. While American puddings are typically thicker and stodgier than the British’s version of custard. 

Then, what exactly is custard (French: Pots de creme)?

Definition-wise, it is seen as a variety of culinary preparation using milk or cream and egg yolk to thicken it. The consistency can vary from very thin that you can pour it like a sauce, until thick like pastry cream fillers. It can be baked in a tart or ramekin, and finished with caramelized sugar. 

Panna cotta on the other side is way much simpler than custard. As we know, the eggs in custard are thickened and tempered. While for Panna Cotta, you just need to bring your cream to below the point where it starts to simmer, combine with the right amount of gelatin, and then it is chilled. It should result in a silky texture rather than stiff. 


offers cutie, delicious, and love now packed in a jar as Panna Cotta in Jar. This perfect dessert gives you everything in a jar, practical and beautiful. A combination of our soft and light panna cotta with 4 different toppings will make your day brighter and lighter. There are strawberry, blueberry, mango, and chocolate topping for you to choose. You will definitely taste the freshness and soft creamy from Panna Cotta in Jar.

So, what’s the difference with mousse?

Mouse is made by heating egg yolks and sugar with flavoring to make it thick, then using egg white foam to lighten the mixture. It ends with having whipped cream folded into it to make it more airy. 

There are so many desserts that look so similar, yet the process is so much different. Although, we can never get enough with the delicacy of those desserts! Which one is your favorite? Which one have you not tried?

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