Taking Care of Your Loved Ones: New Normal Edition


Having trouble taking care or maybe showing affection to your loved ones? Maybe we can give you some tips on that. 


Long Distance Relationships

Maybe, there are some of you who have to go through a long distance relationship (LDR) due to the coronavirus. You really want to meet them, but you’re scared of getting infected or infecting someone. So, there are so many things to do from afar! You can help them with their daily munch by ordering them food, regularly check up on them, ship them their favorite things from an online shop, and you definitely should try to mail them a handwritten note. 


Mental Health Care

This whole quarantine can mess up someone’s state-of-mind, and definitely their mental health. Taking care of them can be challenging too in this situation. You should always listen to what they are saying, try to help them vent (even if you can only comfort them from a video call). Always remind them that you are there for them, and be attentive on dangerous signs. There are so much online psychologists available to talk to or to refer to!


A Lifestyle

A shift of lifestyle is definitely one of the most significant things we all went through. So, try to find the right and the most comfortable New Normal lifestyle for yourself!


The Small Things

The best way to take care of your loved ones is to spare your time and attention, and shift them to the little things that you can do to your loved ones. Maybe watch a series or movie together, dining in, house chores, maybe some games, and many more!


Health is Priority.

You should pay attention to your loved ones’ immunity these days. Keep up with their vitamins and diet in this New Normal. Remind and definitely join them to get some sunlight and workout!


So, what will you do first?

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