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Where to Get The Best Cakes and Cookies in Jakarta

Kue Kering Jakarta - If you are too lazy to bake but wanting to have sweet treats without leaving your house, you just need to find the perfect bakery that sells the best cakes and cookies online (jual kue kering). We round up some best cakes and cookies (jual kue kering) recommendation and where to get them from the best bakery in Jakarta (kue kering Jakarta).

Original Fromage Cheesecake

It’s an all-time favorite cake everyone loves! Original Fromage cheesecakes are the best cakes with a delicate and rich creamy savor that will give you the heavenly pleasure that melts in your mouth.

Chocolat Fromage Cheesecake

Can’t choose between chocolate and cheese? Chocolate Fromage Cakes are the best cakes option for you. The perfect blend of chocolate bake cheesecake, mascarpone mousse, and soboro chocolate will satisfy your sugar cravings for an instant.

Lé Choco Noir Cookies

With crunchy and buttery taste, who’s gonna say no to choco chip cookies? (jual kue kering). With the secret recipe, DORÉ by LeTAO successfully made incredibly tasty choco-chip cookies named Lé Choco Noir Cookies (kue kering Jakarta).

Cheddar & Gouda Cookies

Cheddar & Gouda Cookies comes with sweet and salty biscuit sprinkled with cheddar & gouda powder leaving an incredible taste in your mouth (jual kue kering). You can only find this tasty cookie in DORÉ by LeTAO (kue kering Jakarta).

Basil & Gonzola Cookies

Another incredibly delicious baked goods you must try is Basil & Gonzola Cookies from DORÉ by LeTAO (kue kering Jakarta). Perfect light and crunchy cookies loaded with herby basil aroma, sprinkled with gonzola powder leaving a sweet and savory taste that you can never get enough (jual kue kering).

DORÉ by LeTAO offers you nothing but the best cakes and cookies to satisfy your sugar cravings! (Kue kering Jakarta). So if you’re craving for sweet treats like cakes and cookies (jual kue kering), the first thing that should come to your mind is DORÉ by LeTAO.