The Essence of Tradition

Discover the timeless recipes passed down through generations, carefully preserved to honor the Mid-Autumn Festival’s rich heritage. Our master bakers blend heritage with innovation, crafting mooncakes that are as beautiful as they are delicious.

Explore the symbolism behind mooncakes—their round shape represents unity and togetherness, while the salted egg yolk hidden within symbolizes the full moon, a symbol of prosperity and reunion.

The Gift of Togetherness

This Mid-Autumn Festival, express your love and appreciation with the gift of mooncakes. Whether you’re sharing them with family, friends, or business associates, our mooncakes are the perfect symbol of unity and connection.

Choose from a variety of gift sets and packaging options to suit your preferences. Personalize your message and make your mooncake gift a memorable token of your affection.

Join the Celebration

At Doré, we believe in more than just selling mooncakes; we celebrate the spirit of community and culture. Join us at our Mid-Autumn Festival events and activities to share in the joy of this season.

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