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Incredibly Delicious Birthday Cake For Your Loved Ones

Jual kue ulang tahun - Celebrating something without cake feels like there’s something important that has been missing. Maybe it’s because we often have cake as a bridge that connecting every moment to happiness, include when we celebrate the birthday (jual kue ulang tahun).

Birthday cake comes with hundreds of varieties and types, from chocolate, cheese, to fruity cakes. If you are planning to have a birthday cake or give it to someone you’re close to, here is a list of recommended birthday cake you can choose to accompany the celebration and bring instant joy for everyone who enjoys it (jual kue ulang tahun).

Black Forest

A timeless cake like the black forest can never go wrong to be part of the celebration. If you want to have heavenly tasty Black Forest as your birthday cake, DORÉ by LeTAO (jual kue ulang tahun) is the perfect choice to fulfill your wish.

Mango Bliss Cake

If you craving for a sweet and refreshing treat to be your birthday cake, DORÉ by LeTAO has Mango Bliss Cake to satisfy you (jual kue ulang tahun). This sweet and fruity cake consists of sponge cake, chantilly, mango jelly and mango mousse that will give you sweet & refreshing taste with amazingly beautiful decoration,

Strawberry Shortcake

This cake is like a perfect match for everyone who loves strawberries. This cake topped with bright red strawberry jelly, fresh strawberries, and a little touch of edible flowers made Strawberry Shortcake by DORÉ by LeTAO looks fascinating (jual kue ulang tahun).

All Variant of Fromage Cake

All variant of Fromage Cheesecake by DORÉ by LeTAO is an excellent choice for you who crave for something soft, rich milky that melts perfectly in your mouth as the birthday cake. If you’re running out of time, you can simply order it online because DORÉ by LeTAO also can serve your order by online platform! (jual kue ulang tahun).

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