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Matcha Chocolat


We’re making this special series because DORÉ as a brand of love has been receiving great support from females in Jakarta & around Indonesia. That’s why we are working together with Andrea Dian for our new line of Lite Series (Matcha Chocolat & Ichigo Rare Cheesecake) to support your Self-Love journey 🥰

Our earthy and silky Matcha Chocolat is a combination between French and Japanese. As a part of the Lite Series, it is less sugar and perfect for your treat day!

Every layer of Matcha Chocolat is to remind you to keep humble and love-yourself. A thinly sliced chocolate genoise with 70% Dark Chocolate Mousse and Japanese Matcha Mousse. Earthy bittersweet Japanese Matcha Mousse reminds you to stay humble and Dark Chocolate Mousse reminds you to love-yourself by treating them with Love 💚🤎


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