Quarantine Trends to Embrace

Quarantine Trends

Quarantine has lasted for longer than we all thought, and we all adjust to a “New Normal” in many ways, including these trends.



You probably have seen it from people posting aesthetic and fun TikToks or Instagram posts where they are trying to finish a quite challenging puzzle at home. This can be your new hobby too! It’s perfect to spend your quarantine free time and to challenge your brain a little bit.


DIY Kits

Another quarantine trend that has been going around for awhile. Whether it’s a flower DIY kit, Tie Dye DIY kit, tote bag DIY kit, and many more. For those of you who enjoy art, crafting, and basically engaging yourself into something satisfying, this is a perfect trend for you to also try!


Fostering Dogs/Cats

Being “trapped” in your own house can make you feel so alone sometimes, and you need something to make the situation merrier at home. What else can you bring to home but to foster a pet? You can help local animal shelters or NGOs to foster a pet until they have a new home (no permanent keep pressure ;)) 


Tie Dye

This fashion trend is perfect, as you can DIY it yourself, or even simply buy it! They come in many forms. It can be a pajama set, outerwear, and etc. A chic and laid-back fashion trend, perfect for New Normal!


Online Concert

So, having a concert is totally dangerous to have under this condition. The perfect way to solve this is by joining an online concert! You can watch special performances of many musicians from home. It may feel a little bit different, but what a great at-home entertainment right?



This trend seems to be everyone’s favorite lately. Whether it’s a set of vegetables, fruits, flowers, or maybe just a simple cactus. It does feel really nice to take care of your own pretty garden from home!


Animal Crossing and Among Us

There are obviously many games out there for you to join, but these two games seem to be able to make us feel like we are actually hanging out with our friends! Well, virtually of course. You should definitely try to play these two games if you enjoy a virtual engaging game!


At Home Workout Challenges

You name it. Chloe Ting, Holly Dolke, there are so many fitness influencers that made a lot of workout challenges to do in this New Normal. Everyone has been trying to make the most out of this New Normal by developing themselves. You should try to ease yourself into the challenge if you are interested!

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