Celebrate Halloween During COVID-19: A Guide

Celebrate Halloween

Celebrating Halloween? Sounds a bit too dangerous when COVID-19 is still out there right? Here are some tips on how to spend halloween in the safest way possible.


Plan A Scary Movie Night

Nothing could go wrong with a movie night at halloween! Set up an online watching party through video call (of course). You can also have a family watching party at home! You just need to put up the perfect movie on your (home) big screen. 


Get Yourself Some Halloween Treats

It’s never festive without some treats! You can bake together at home, or support the local businesses by ordering cookies, cakes, or maybe pumpkin-themed beverages! Make sure you ensure that you (and the shop) follow Covid-19 safety protocols, though.


Virtual Costume Party

We can still keep the festive and halloween spirit by showing off your creative ideas into fashion! You can use any video chat app you want to host the virtual event, and invite them to participate in the virtual dance party, online karaoke, a roast, show and tell, online board games, simply catching up, or stream a movie together! 


Online Scavenger Hunt

This will definitely take some more time, but it would really be fun! Set up an online scavenger hunt manually, and prepare for the grand reveal or treasure! You can make online riddles with pictures, QR Codes, email, Youtube Videos, and many more! This will guarantee you and your online party attendees’ halloween spirit.


So, these are 4 things that you should never miss this year if you are hosting a halloween party. Who are you going to dress up as this year?

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