Why Is Japanese Cake Always Trending?


Lately, a lot of Japanese cake became a worldwide trend. Even there are a lot of cakes that have become a trend. Starting from the jiggly cheesecake to that water cake. Without any doubt, everyone loves it.


What makes Japanese cake so special that everyone loves it? First, the Japanese cheesecake. From the texture, Japanese cheesecakes are much lighter and softer if compared to the infamous New York Cheesecake (even though both are super delicious). They have less sugar, which is the perfect choice for those who are very aware with sugar and calorie intake. The super soft (and usually very very jiggly) comes from beating the white egg until it’s fluffy. They are airy and spongy, and it melts in the mouth. This is a very pleasurable and satisfying feeling when eating or even just looking at a cake, no wonder everyone loves it!


Right now, you see the japanese cake as a trend. But this Japanese cheesecake has traveled through the globe for around 40 years. Within the 1970s period, women’s magazines featured a lot of cheesecake, and in the late 1980s, more dessert that featured cheese-like tiramisu and cheese-filled steamed buns began to appear and strengthen the cheese’s existence in Japan and its cuisine. Finally in the 1990s, the availability and interest of cheesecake was widespread across Japan. 


There are so many Japanese adapted desserts in local dessert businesses in Indonesia, especially cheesecakes. From those layer cakescakes, jiggly cakes, and many more. But the most favorite item would be anything that mixes the infamous Japanese Matcha with the great taste of cheese! Have you tried it before?

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