Cheesecake: Unique Experience of Dessert

Original Fromage – Cheesecake

Cheese has been my favorite ingredient and I do believe there’s no such thing as too much cheese because it is that good! It suits everything, from savory foods to sweets. I have this weird condition where I cannot eat too many sweets. I like sweets and desserts but if I eat too many sweets, dizziness comes to me and I can’t eat anymore. Still remember my first cheesecake, it’s the oreo one, my favorite combination all time. Love the taste of it but I cannot eat the whole slice! It’s kinda frustrating for me at that time because it tastes so good yet I cannot eat all of it in one go! But that’s my first love with cheesecake.

Cheesecake is as unique as your cheesy jokes 😛

It is a unique type of dessert, in my opinion. Because desserts and cakes usually have the characteristic of sweet as their taste, but cheesecake gives me more than just sweet. It gives me a sweet and savory that blends really well and the sweetness just really perfect! I love cheese and cheesecake is the first cake that makes me fall in love with cakes.

Each region has its own signature cheesecake. The most popular one is The New York Style. This is the first cake that I able to eat a whole slice by myself (YAY!). I love how the crunchy base with the softness of cheesecake. It’s a unique and loveable experience for dessert. The other signature that I love is the Japanese Cheesecake. I just recently found this type years ago, maybe 2 years ago. I really love this kind because of its lightness and fluffiness just give me a whole new experience. It is well known for the fluffiness like a cloud and the jiggles are really unique. Japanese cheesecake has been my favorite since the first time I knew it and taste it. It’s a magic and unique experience for my dessert journey and my mouth.

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