Benefits You’ll Gain From Fasting

Gain From Fasting

There are tons of benefits from fasting that you should know about!

You might have known already that fasting during the holy month or after the holy month can provide health benefits, not just physical health but also spiritual. From weight loss to balancing the mind, fasting can help you control your eating habits and emotions.

But for some of you who are unaware of the health benefit, maybe this can help!


Detoxifying means removing toxic or poisonous substances from something, by not eating nor drinking throughout the day during Ramadan, your body is given a chance to detoxify your digestive system.

Lose weight and stay fit

During fasting, the process of losing weight is possible if done correctly. Your body turns to fat to store the energy that has been used. But If you do some workouts, maybe the process of weight loss will be much quicker 😊. But don’t forget to eat lots of nutritious food or snacks.

Another benefit of fasting is lowering cholesterol levels, reducing heart disease, improved muscle performance, and enhancing blood vessel growth. Fasting can encourage your body to recycle old white blood cells and regenerates stem cells once you start eating again.

Learn to control your emotion and increase your concentration

You can balance the mind and reduce stress, fasting can help you focus on your productivity because of a reduction in calories, sugar, etc.

Studies have shown that when you start fasting for several weeks, it helps you concentrate better. Your mind will be able to control certain emotions and reduce stress levels. When you start fasting, your blood is filled with more endorphins, hormones that make you happier. However, each person’s body produces endorphins differently.


Can fasting also help anti-aging? 🤔

Fasting can reduce various enzymes involved in aging. It leads to restoring tissues and cells in your body and helps produce collagen.


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