Maintaining Your Weight for the New Year Party

Maintaining Your Weight for the New Year Party

At the end of this year, many of us often get prizes, whether it’s hampers or money. These gifts often make us forget our diet. So, how do you maintain the progress of your diet, especially maintaining weight for the new year to stay fit and stable?

Here are some useful tips from us!

1. Eat in a small portion

At family events or hangouts with friends, we are often treated to food or gifts. The most powerful main tip is to eat small portions. You can try a variety of cakes or snacks without feeling guilty. Small bites are enough so you can eat other food. Don’t push yourself too hard. This is the most eagerly awaited party to celebrate. Stay in control and enjoy the festivities!

2. Do some light exercise before the event

Another tip besides eating small portions is to exercise. You can go briskly or jogging, jogging, skipping, exercising at home, swimming, or doing other activities to increase calories. Try to do some home exercise with Your Beloved Ones! It can be a great activity to spend at the end of the year! But don’t forget to stay healthy, okay?

3. Avoid drinking carbonated drinks

Drinking high amounts of sugar-sweetened beverages like soda or alcohol can bring various impacts on your health.
It also can lead to several diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.
Try to consume other alternatives such as 0 calorie soda or low sugar drinks. It would be better if you consume water instead of soda. Stay hydrated!

4. Don’t forget to eat more fruits and vegetables

Food during holidays tends to be high in calories and low in fiber. Don’t forget to eat fruits and vegetables for a balance. Try to consume food or snacks that high in fiber. Foods that are high in fiber are more filling and will keep you from feeling hungry for longer

Those were some tips from us about maintaining weight for the new year!

We hope this will be useful for you, and happy new year!

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