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Maintaining Your Weight for the New Year Party

At the end of this year, many of us often get prizes, whether it’s hampers or money. These gifts often make us forget our diet. So, how do you maintain the progress of your diet, especially maintaining weight for the new year to stay fit and stable? Here are some useful tips from us! 1. […]

Granola: Snack with full of benefit

We will discuss the most loved snacks, Granola. This snack is often consumed as a topping in breakfast, snack bars, and a garnish in food menus. This delicious snack consists of rolled oats, nuts, honey, and other sweet additions such as brown sugar or maple syrup. Why is granola so popular especially among people who […]

Satisfy your Craving Without Gaining Weight

Do you ever feel so surfeited while craving some desserts? Or afraid of gaining some weight? But don’t worry! You still can eat your favorite desserts without gaining weight! But how? Should you cut your sugar intake? Doesn’t diet should be maintaining your macros? You don’t have to eat clean for your entire life. Here’s […]