Granola: Snack with full of benefit

Granola: Snack with full of benefit

We will discuss the most loved snacks, Granola. This snack is often consumed as a topping in breakfast, snack bars, and a garnish in food menus. This delicious snack consists of rolled oats, nuts, honey, and other sweet additions such as brown sugar or maple syrup. Why is granola so popular especially among people who like a healthy lifestyle? Here are 3 main factors why this snack is so popular

Nutritious and high in fiber

Granola is very healthy, compact, easy to consume, and contains many benefits. It is also very good for our health. According to the USDA, these are the following Nutrition Facts of Granola:

Nutrient content

Nutrient content

Source: USDA

*Results may vary according to the type of brand, manufacturer, and others

Based on these data, 100 grams contains 471 kcal with 64g of carbohydrates and 5g of dietary fiber. If we consume 10 grams per day, it is only 47.1 kcal with 6.4 g of carbohydrates with 0.5 g of dietary fiber. This is very good enough for its nutritional value. This snack is packed with calcium, iron, magnesium, cobalamin, and vitamins A, D, C, and B-6.  That makes this snack rich in benefits and very good for health

Easy to consume

Apart from being healthy, it is also compact, easy to consume, and easy to carry wherever you go. It can be consumed as a topping in cereal in the morning. Granola can also be consumed as a snack bar before or after exercise. Consuming before exercise can fill you up so you will not be infirm and your exercise can be optimal.

Snack on healthy Cheat Day

Granola can be used as an alternative cheat day that is very healthy to accompany your weekend. This can keep you on a stable and healthy diet. With a healthy lifestyle, your diet will be consistent. You will reduce guilt during the diet program and it will be stress-free!


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