Why Do We Seem to Always Have Room For Dessert

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You all know the drill. You eat until you’re full, and you won’t take another bite of that main course. But then, a beautiful cheese cake (or any dessert, really) comes out, and you can finish it.  Every time! 


Well guess what?

It’s not because we’re greedy! It’s because there is a scientific reason why we seem to always make room for dessert. 


It is called Sensory-Specific Satiety.

It’s how we often mistake that full feeling. When you eat something more, the less you like it, and it gives an impression that you are full. This decline of liking food comes from what we’re eating or anything similar, you will start to like the smell, looks, and feeling less. 


Scientifically speaking, the brain’s reward centre(s) respond less to food that we are eating, while it’s supposed to produce feelings of pleasure. But the cells become fully responsive again when it’s a different food. 


“Well, I still have room for dessert!”

Which is why, a cake, cookie, ice cream, and other dessert options (or anything that is highly different) will naturally be more appealing. Sometimes, even when visually, they are not that appealing.


Sensory-Specific Satiety actually helps us to get all the nutrients we need, not just one big dish that we have been munching. This can actually be good for dieters, having more variety of food, rather than just one big portion. But, this also contributes to why we always can’t resist eating all those mouth-watering varieties of food at a wedding buffet. 


So don’t worry, ‘dessert stomach’ is totally real and normal!

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