How to Self Love in Quarantine


We truly need to practice self-love in quarantine.


The stress of (not) working, the paranoia of getting the virus, the changing daily activities, limited social interaction, the feeling of being trapped inside your own home. All of these are circulating our minds everyday because of the coronavirus.


It became very difficult to try to relax our minds, love and take care of ourselves. Physically and mentally, and try to live in the moment. Even the Geisinger Medical Center found a link between quarantine and mental health issues (such as PTSD symptoms, depression, confusion, and anger) just from a period of two weeks. This calls for a stay at home version of self love.


Take Time to Unwind

There are many ways for you to take your mind off things at home, one of them is by doing something that you love. Spend time doing some writing, journaling, decluttering, reading, meditation, yoga, or anything you prefer. Plan it out for the next few days to do these activities, this is a great release during a time like this to boost creativity with all the time you have. 


Always Spare Time to Exercise

As we mostly are decreasing in mobility this quarantine, we need to move around a little. There are many online exercise videos to follow for free, or even applications for us to try. Although, make sure the exercise you are doing is safe for your body to do. This helps boost and support the immune system, and helps manage anxiety and stress. Other than that, this will definitely help you to protect yourself from getting the nasty coronavirus. So get up from your position right now!


Be Mindful 

There is a strong link between mindfulness and productivity. One post itself means that you are aware of the present moment. Breathing exercises, meditation and many other methods can actually help you clear your mind. Other ways to be mindful include taking a long bath, reading a book, staying off social media, ordering some delicious cookies to munch with milk while you’re at it, eating meals. You deserve it. 


Have A Tiny Break from the News

Taking breaks from the news and social media can actually help you distance yourself from what is going on and avoid being overwhelmed. Spend time doing something else and you automatically remove yourself from the overwhelming daily baggage your news you have to face.


This Is Not A Race

We all have been looking at other people’s activity in this quarantine. You see them being very productive into their career, they started a new hobby, they have been working out, they just started a new business, they took an extra course, and many more things that might make you feel less of a person. But this is not a race.

You don’t have to have a body goals image after this quarantine, you don’t need to be extra wealthy after this quarantine, You don’t need to have or do all the stains just because you’re in quarantine and just because other people are doing it.

Relax, order that delicious cake you have been craving for, put on the sheet mask, make up for those sleepless nights you have been having before this quarantine. This is the time for you to take care of yourself and practice self love in the way that suits you and comforts you.


Take care. 




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