Goodbye Summer-Hello September!


Summer officially finished and say hello to September! Many things are not what we expect this summer but it’s over now. Don’t be sad! It may be not what we expected but you got a different type of summer experience. Your expectations usually hang out together with your friends on the beach, carnival, festivals, or concerts. The year 2020 is definitely a new decade, a new start, and a new normal. But as you know it’s not what happened, so let’s see some of our summer 2020

Quarantine, Dalgona Coffee, Live-Streaming, Tik-Tok, and Reduce of Single-Use Plastics

Summer 2020 has been weird at first, stressful, and eventually, you get used to it. Being quarantined is the start of summer for me. The start of summer is not a good one for me – canceled trips, canceled jobs, the uncertainty of my last year uni, and quarantine. It was a hard time for everyone, the start of quarantine days. Days, weeks, even months passed and we are still in a quarantine situation. Along quarantine time, there are trends we did at home to be more productive or just fun. For example, the Dalgona Coffee trend where you make a whipped coffee and it is really tiring but worth it! Then Live-Streaming everywhere since there’s no live concert or festival and no cinema. Tik-Tok has recently become the most favorite social media platform! Suddenly there are influencers from Tik-Tok and people are obsessed with it, like the Dalgona Coffee trend! The bright side of this Summer 2020 is the reduction of Single-Use Plastics. They forbid plastics and change it to bring your own bag.

Summer’s almost gone

We had some good times

But they’re gone – The Doors (Summer’s Almost Gone)

Hello September!

September is here now and we are officially in a New Normal situation and at this point, we do realize we can’t go back to last year’s Normal. Things change and priority too! We’ve been in quarantine season and we survived it! September will not be that bad, I hope so though! What I learned for this year is adapting to every situation and preparing for the worst. During this stressful time, I will go for good food as a mood booster! Here’s a song for you to be more pumped up for this September and the rest of 2020!


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