Desserts Actually can Improve Our Health


This article will make a sweet tooth cheer all over the world! We always read and hear about how bad is desserts for your health. It’s not wrong, but sometimes it just gets too much and scared people about eating desserts, especially the weight loss program. So, what’s positive benefit desserts give to our health exactly?

Eating desserts reduced unhealthy food cravings

It may sound surprising but desserts do that to your body! Craving for sweets can be dangerous and usually the main reason for diet failure. While you have your weight loss diet, you still need to eat desserts to reduce your craving for it. As Daniela Jakubowicz of Tel Aviv University said that no matter what the diet is, people will regain weight if you limit some food. But if you eat what you like, you decrease cravings. Eating desserts daily with the right amount has a greater chance of producing long term success in weight loss.

Desserts give you a balanced diet

People usually misunderstood by eating healthy means only eating tons of vegetables and no sugar. In fact, you will not have a balanced healthy diet by just consume that. To have a balanced healthy diet, your body needs various nutrition. Eating desserts can give you a valuable amount of protein and calcium, such as cheesecake, ice cream, and parfaits. The key is BALANCED.

Desserts offer more fruit intakes into your diet

Usually, it’s hard to make kids eat their fruit. Through desserts, you can make them love it and eat it so they can get valuable amounts of vitamin that provided from the fruits! Daily fruit intake is an essential part of your daily intake of nutrients that will keep you strong, healthy, and immune. Desserts allow us to be creative with fruits and enjoy fruits in many ways that are delicious and fun!

To be fair, all foods are good to consume as long as not too much! To have a balanced healthy diet you need to consume in the right amount of food and fulfill your daily intake of nutrients. Eating desserts helps you in the craving part, intake of nutrients, and your mood! (you can read Dessert as A Way of Therapy to know more about it) Every time you want to eat something, just remember this quote:

It is not good to have TOO MUCH of anything – Andrew Clements

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